Software you will love to run your business on

Access anytime, anywhere

E-Seven is available to you 24x7 anywhere you have an internet connection available be it at your office, home or on your mobile device.

Easy to learn, use and implement for your business

Software has a very simple, intuitive, user friendly design. You or your team can get up to speed within minutes after starting to use software. It does not stand in your way to accomplish your task.

Configurable User Rights and Access controls

Every functionality and feature have a corresponding permission required, which make it very secure. It let's you give access to data and information based on user roles and requirements.

Multi Branch Accounting and Management

You can setup multiple branches according to your company locations and branches. The software allows to maintain data branch wise, inter branch transfers and transactions and you have visibility into all branch activities within a single login.

Extensive and Contextual Reporting

Software has a vast number of useful reports to get high level as well as granular details upto transaction level. While viewing a report, software gives you option to easily switch or drill down and see a corresponding another report of same information at different summary level so as to make quick analysis.

Search, Filter and Find

The software has true abstraction of business transaction which allows to easily search, filter, find and analyze any ledger, group, entity transaction at detail.

Cash and Bank Books

Visibility into where your cash is coming from and where it is flowing to.

Bank Reconciliation

Reconcile your Bank ledgers with Bank statement.

P & L, Balance Sheet and Trial Balance Reports

Keep tab of your Company Balance sheet to optimize fund allocation and higher business growth.

Data Export in Excel, Word and PDF format

Easily export any list of transactions, reports in Word and PDF formats. Export to Excel format to make extra analysis.

Private URL (Dedicated subdomain)

We provide Dedicated Subdomains for each client. Instead of using a common URL, the software provides you a dedicated, personalized url you can share with your team (and which is not shared with any other client). This also provides you a secure environment.

In built Email Service

Easily email your Invoice or any voucher to your customers/suppliers using in built Email Service. Send account statement through mail to settle. Don’t need to download/copy and use a separate email service.

Audit Trail

Software keeps audit track of all the activities done in the software, who did what and when, to allow for audit trail. The software provides complete change log of entries done in the software.

Automatic Daily Backups and Manual Backups

Automatic daily backs to keep your important data safe. Also allows to download manual backups.

Data Security (SSL)

Software runs on https to keep your information secured from eavesdropper. Software keeps each customer's data in a separate database and runs each client thread in an isolated sandbox. We have advanced threat detection and mitagtion tools and techniques to esnure your data is 100% safe and secure.

Professional Accounting and Feature Complete

Software is designed by Professional CPAs and having years of experience and knowledge of client requirements for their accounting needs. Easy yet feature complete to run your entire business on. You won't need separate software for billing, doing accounting and running a business analysis. It has all the necessary and useful features built in.

Great Support & Service

E-Seven is committed to provide unmatched customer support and service and to be responsive to all your accounting needs. Software has an uptodate Help Manual, Customer Forums, Community members to get help from besides free training and 24x7 support from E-Seven team.

Software Benefits

  • Deploy Rapidly

  • Save Operational Cost

  • Improve Data Accuracy

  • Always available, anytime - anywhere

  • Easy, Professional, Powerful Accounting

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