Online Accounting to grow your business

Easy Accounting

Streamline your business processes with this accounting software. Tracks and manage all vendors and multiple accounts payable, including all vendor purchases and payments.

Extensive Reporting

Get immediate access to comprehensive reporting and analytics that deliver the latest financial information about your business.

Well Documented

Detailed User Guide and Help Manuals available. Quick support through extensive Knowledge base and Community Wikis.

Features that you will love

Web based Online Accounting Software

Access your data anytime, anywhere. Don’t need to worry about data loss, system management, software bugs. Save operational cost and grow fast.

Fast Data Entry like Desktop applications

The software supports fast entry so as you can finish entering hundreds of vouchers within short time.

Multiple Locations and Branches Management

Create branches of your company; manage, track each branch individually, enable features and see combined and/or comparative reports at company level.

Granular User Rights and Access Controls

Rights can be assigned at individual function level. Give extra permissions anytime for a brief period when needed for data correction, amendment.

Simple to Understand; Intuitive and easy to use

The software is so simple and intuitive to use, you cannot go wrong. Need little to no training to setup and get upto speed. Easy yet powerful features to track your business and accelerate growth.

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What people are saying about us

  • "Lumbika & Co. Ltd guided me to establish and grow my business in Tanzania. I am grateful for the intelligent individuals who work in this organization."

    Jumanne Jackson Itozya
    Managing Director
    Civil Base Group Limited

  • "E-Seven has really cut my accounting time to a good extent. It simplifies our finances and makes a usually complicated process easy. It helped us dramatically. At any given time I can see exactly what's happening in our business."

    Colin Oliver
    Account Manager
    Core Logic Group Limited

  • "E7 is such a good web based accounting software that we are proud of!"

    Gabriel Julius Mgeta
    Managing Director
    Lumbika & Co. Limited

  • "E7 is one of the best accounting software, it help us in managing debtors and creditors through its built in email system we easily communicate account statement of our debtors easily."

    M. S. Sanga
    Managing Director
    Uhuru Music (Tanzania) Limited

Online Accounting software to grow your business

In case you need any help

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At E-Seven, we have built up our company on seeing possibilities, where others don’t seek them. The result is a solid and user friendly accounting solution that doesn’t compromise on quality. If you have any queries or questions related to our software, we are always there to answer you.

Need Support?

We’re in business to serve the needs and desires of our core customer base. Customer support excellence has always been and will always be one of the most important aspect we provide in our business. Our goal, as a company, is to have customer support that is not just the best..but legendary.

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